Year 3

Becoming Historians…

Our text this term is ‘One Boy’s War’ by Lynn Huggins-Cooper.  This book is set at the start of World War One and will be the focus of our reading and English lessons alongside our History and Geography.  Children will be using drama and role-play to explore the character of Sydney and how the events throughout the book made him and his family feel.  They will be writing letters based on those written by Sydney throughout the text.

Children will be learning how to become historians by using different sources of information in order to find out about what life was like during WW1, and how that has left a lasting legacy to Great Britain and the wider world.

We would love our families to bring in anything that they or relatives may have relating to World War One; we have begun by looking at some of Miss Kelly’s family photographs.

At home and in school we have been finding out the answers to some of our key questions about how the war began and what that meant to people in Britain.

Year Three News