Local Governing Board

Atlas Community Primary School has a joint Local Governing Board with Green Lane Primary School.

All governors are appointed based on experience and skills relevant to the role.

Full Name Type of Governor Date of Appointment / Term of Office End date if Applicable Responsibilities Business Interests Relationships 13.09.18 22.11.18 07.02.19 21.03.19 02.07.19
Lisa Simpson Headteacher (Atlas) N/A N/A N/A x x A x
Ajaz Quayum (Atlas)


31.07.2022 Safeguarding x x
Shazad Ali


Parent 05.01.2019 04.01.2019


Standards & Achievement

Including key groups

None None x X X x x
Rachel Allinson Staff 06.10.2018 07.10.2022  


None None N/A X X x x
Kevin Holland


CEO N/A N/A CEO PAT x x X x x
Yunus Mayat


Co-opted 28.11.2019 09.09.2022 Chair of Governors

Leadership & Management

None None x X X x x
Akhtar Hussain


Parent 19.03.2020 18.03.2020 Teaching & Learning including key groups


None None X X x x x
Richard Short


LA 08.11.2016 07.11.2020 Business & Finance


None None X X X x x
Mrs Maggie Smith Co-opted 20.04.2020 19.04.2020 Behaviour & Community A x X x x
Dr Nicky Symons




21.05.2018 20.05.2022 Safeguarding None None X A x x x
Mrs Jane Townend Staff


01.10.2018 N/A None None X X x x x


Register of interests of Current Governors serving and that that have served in any point since September 2018

The register is reviewed annually, but governors are reminded that they should declare any changes as and when they occur.

The Local Governing Body of Atlas operates one single meeting structure. There are no committees, all delegated responsibilities are discussed at the half termly Local Governing Body meetings.

If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors please do so via the school office.

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