Year 2

Developing Aspirations

Throughout Year 2, children continue to have access to enhanced provision within the classroom.  They are encouraged to make choices which challenge their knowledge and skills and which develop their own interests.

This term our core text is ‘The Darkest Dark’ by Chris Hadfield; an inspirational book about how Chris realised his dream of becoming an astronaut.  Children will learn about key figures who played a role in the moon landings in 1969.  They will learn how to research and find out information in order to lead their own learning.  They will also learn about where they live and the countries that make up the United Kingdom.

This links in with music lessons as children will be learning about the different music styles that each country has to offer.

Children are going to write and present their very own speeches about who or what inspires them and we would love for parents to come and hear their aspirations. A letter will be sent out soon so please stay tuned!