Year 1

Building Independence

During the time your child spends in Year 1, they will still have access to a range of purposeful provision. Play is an integral part of development not only in Early Years but also throughout Key Stage 1. It is with this view, that children in Year 1 have access to continuous provision. Continuous provision allows children time to choose their learning. The class teacher will carefully plan appropriate challenges into the provision for the children to access. Lessons will be taught to small groups in order to maximise each child’s individual learning journey. This way of teaching creates a personal learning experience that allows misconceptions to be addressed in the moment, having a positive impact on the progression each individual child makes.

During this half term Year 1 will be looking at the book ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy. We will focus on asking ‘who’ and ‘where’ questions during our reading lessons. The children will have the opportunity to retell and re-enact the story themselves in order to get a clear understanding of story sequence and events.

Children will also have the opportunity to create their own rocket ships using a range of different materials and apply their own critical thinking skills as to why they would use certain materials. We will learn about how humans have actually visited the moon (just like Baby Bear) and we will find out about key historical figures such as Neil Armstrong.  Children will also begin to look at how humans made this journey possible, looking back to the first flights and the Wright Brothers. Our key message this term is around human achievement as a result of a passion to succeed.

Year One News


Year 1 Newsletter 20.01.20